Père Amadehus (Askari x Fier de Lui)    

2010 F -Poulain

Amadehus x Flemmingh x Farrington - 


2008 DiSaronno -Poulain FOR SALE

Houston x Flemmingh x Farrington - 


  Père Houston   
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Raliena Keur

Flemmingh Pref.


Landgraf I

V. Ladykiller XX

M. Warthburg H


V. Capitano

M. Sarbit



V. Cor de la Bryere

M. Assa , Holst

Texas Ledusa

V. Lorenz

M. Edusa

Lady W keur Pref.

Farrington keur

Wellington keur

V. Nimmerdor preferent

M. Patty Keur preferent

Onetty ster

V. Doruto Preferent

M. Henetty Ster preferent


Heidelberg Pref

V. Ladykiller XX

M. Insterburg hol



V. Griffier

M. Fokaliena

Pedigree of Raliena: Performance Breeding Family 1631:

Family Raliena:


Raliena's family provided the following sporthorses with their achievements. The line is based on a Gelder line. They all want to work for you.

Raliena R.I.P.

Keurmare Raliena, 1.68m

Flemmingh Preferent x Farrington Keur  x Heidelberg

Color Bay foaled to Amadehus (Askari) 2010


Raliena is the 2nd foal bred by us from the Keur Preferent mare Lady W. Raliena is a strong mover, with powerful movements and she has got her first foal in 2003 by the thoroughbred stallion Stravinsky XX. Who was trained at the Prix St George level.  Raliena has started training in 2003 and she has shown much progress and also she received her Keur predicate in December 2003 after successfully completing the EPTM test with a good walk, canter and a 9 for take off.  Raliena descends from the Performance breeding family 1631.

Her mother is the keurmare Lady W who scored 78,5 points at the EPTM test (Stationsmerrietest) in Drachten and that was at that time the highest score!! Lady W is sold to LaPrairieAire in Canada and is still very successful as a broodmare. The full brother of Raliena, Unescoba won the 2002 yearling competition in Washington State and also won the USDF Breeder’s Colt/Gelding Championship. And last but not least he also became Reserve Grand Champion of the whole show. In 2004 he got the ster predicate in BC, Canada. This shows that Lady W is a great broodmare and her 2002 foal by Orame earned a 1st Premium at his keuringen in Alberta, Canada.

Her half brother Pipkin, Inferno X Farrington (1997) is trained in the Netherlands and competed in dressage at the M level (3rd level), jumping L level before he has been sold in 2002 to Sweden were he is now Internationally competes show jumping under Malin Baryard-Johnsson. He did placed himself 10th in the Warm Up Class on December 15th 2005 in London, where he beated Arko II, Luidam, Eurocommerce Lanapoule. At the Artctic Equestrian Games in Norway he placed 4rth at the qualification class for the GP.

For more photo’s see the album, you can click at the bottom of this page.

Raliena has a lot of Amor in her pedigree and Ladykiller XX who both were great sires. Amor blood is to be found in a lot of good dressage pedigrees.
In 2004 Raliena got a beautiful bay filly by Houston. And in 2005 Raliena has got a filly of Turbo Magic (Cabochon x Cocktail x Kaiserstern XX). Photo’s of her progeny underneath.
Raliena has a filly from Houston on May 10th 2006. Photo's are to be seen underneath. She is bred again and declared in foal to Uptown (Kennedy Ubis) In 2008 a colt by Houston and now bred in 2009 to Amadehus (Holsteiner name Amago)





















Offspring Raliena:

2004 Zariena - Filly

Houston x Flemmingh x Farrington- More photo's to see in the photo album, see the link above.

Will be used for dressage and broodmare in the US.   



2003 Wariena - Filly

Stravinsky XX x Flemmingh x Farrington - More photo's to see in the photo album, see the link above.




2007 Chardonnay-colt    FOR SALE           


Uptown x Flemmingh x Farrington

Black Bay.    

2006 Ballariena - Filly               

First Premium KWPN Keuring


Houston x Flemmingh x Farrington - First photo's 1,5 days old. Video of August.

Bay.     Video Clip


2005 Ariena - Filly (For Sale only for serious buyers !)

Turbo Magic x Flemmingh x Farrington - More photo's to see in the photo album, see the link above.


She can move !! She has a very athletic body and she has a sensible character.

Half sister Sacha Prok

(Ahorn x Lady W)

Brood mare in Canada


Full brother Unescoba Ster (Flemmingh x Lady W) Is in training for the higher levels dressage in Canada. Highest score NA/WPN.


Half brother Pipkin (Inferno x Lady W) M dressage,  jumps 1.50 m  in Sweden now and currently competing with Malin Baryard Internationally

K Keur Predicate
PA Preferent Predicate for Offspring
NDP National Dressage horse
NSP National Jumper
Sport Sport Predicate
DJU Dressage Juniors
GH Approved stallion
Prestatie Predicate for offspring competing at high levels
Lady W, Farrington x Sieneke v Heidelberg EPTM test 78,5 points
Pipkin, Inferno x Lady W v Farrington NSP/ ISP 1.50 m Sweden, invited for the FEI World Breeding Championship 7 years old Zangersheide 2004, Lanaken. From November 2005 International competing with Malin Baryard in Sweden with placings in London and Vestfold en Norrköping 2006.
Unescoba, Flemmingh x Lady W v Farrington Champion 1 year old USDF State Washington, Ster
Raliena, Flemmingh x Lady W v Farrington EPTM test 70,5 points
Gieneke, Formateur x Sieneke v Heidelberg Ster Sport jumping 4th level (1.20m) Z+14